To be quite honest, I never thought I would be writing about my experience with fixing robot vacuums, but here we are. My wife and I were thinking of purchasing a robot vacuum for a long time and were looking at various different models. However, after going through every possible option and looking at brands such as Eufy, iRobot, Samsung, Shark, and Roborock, we ended up buying a Neato. Fast-forward to 2 years later and hundreds of successful runs, our robot, AKA Ray or stingray, began to malfunction, and the battery started to die out slowly. This unfortunate turn of events left my wife and me with a choice to either fix the robot or replace it with a new one.
A choice that should have been hard was decided within hours as both of us realized that we are not quite ready to part ways with our little friend. After a quick Google search, it became even more apparent that repairing a vacuum robot is an overall better choice.
The price of a new smart vacuum is simply two or three times higher than an average fix and repair of any robot model. Furthermore, the reviews under my model said that our Neato could last us at least another four years with just a couple of refreshments and fixes. So, soon enough, I packed our robot vacuum and sent it off to a nearby repair shop. In a matter of days, Ray was back up and running with a new battery and brand new attitude! Looking back at it, I am scared that our family even considered the possibility of buying a new vacuum robot and throwing our old one away. We have had it for so long that it is hard to imagine any other model or brand cleaning our floors. It would not feel the same, and the simplicity of a robot repair shop allowed us to not only keep Ray but also helped us realize how vital Ray is to us. We rely on it so much, and it became such an essential aspect of our everyday lives that getting her fixed up was the best decision we have ever made.