Today we set a record for that time – fixing 5 Roomba I7 + during  a one single day!

Now we are getting more and more of these robotic vacuum cleaners for repair. Maybe because many of the Roomba I7 + have been around for several years and have accumulated some problems inside, or because this model became more affordable than before and more people can buy them.

The most common cause of the problems is watering. It happens in different ways, but if water or other liquid gets inside, the vacuum robot fails. No Roomba is waterproof.

The second problem is hair and dust accumulating inside and blocking or damaging some sensors or motors. Many people service their robots outside, but the inside is usually much dirtier. It’s best not to dive into the Roomba yourself. Just in case. But sending your Roomba to professionals for periodical cleaning and maintenance would be a good idea.