The second threat to the vacuum robot after water is hair. Hair is everywhere in your home. We humans and our pets are constantly losing hair every day. The robot vacuum collects and picks them up every time it runs on the floor. Hair is wound around all rotating parts of the robot and penetrates into the robovac. It blocks the sensors, create strong resistance to all motors, and eventually burn them out. There is no way to prevent this from happening. You can just manage it.

If you hear a strange grinding sound or feel the vibration of the vacuum robot, stop it immediately. Hair should be removed wherever possible. The first and most obvious thing is to clean the brushes and wheels. Check if brushes ends are freely rotating. Then remove hair from all the niches that you can reach without disassembling the robot. It’s best not to dive into Roomba, Neato, or Roborock on your own. It is much better to send your robot to a professional for periodic cleaning and maintenance.